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Nairapacket is a mobile app for sharing money. Bothered by the difficulty experienced in the process of getting money (financial distress) in Nigeria, we built one app for you with features that allows you share money in a number of ways.
Nairapacket gets you started with ease, using your phone contact to help you find your friends and families on the app. On nairapacket, you can; send money to other users, request and receive money from your contacts and groups, distribute money to up to 1,000 people once and pay a vendor by scanning a QR code. We know you want some fun too, so, we included a game you can play to earn some naira.

Automatic ChangeOver System

Regular distribution of power from a centralised electricity infrastructure is still a good number of years into the future in Africa. In homes and offices, Africans are losing time and efficiency to manual power changeover devices. Now, we can all smile at the one smart and simple gadget that switches between our preferred power source without lifting a finger.