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Auto ChangeOver


Unlike the ubiquitous power change over which comes as a manual switch, the automatic power changeover switches between the main power supply and the other power supply e.g power generator, of a building. The present process of manually shutting downpower generators and manually switching to the mains is a laborious one that every home and office undergo daily in Nigeria.

However, this concern is unequivocally wiped out by the automatic power change over.
It also eliminates the risk young children are exposed to as they use the existing manual changeovers which are often positioned at heights beyond a childs reach.

Power, an essential resource for electronics that we need and use everyday. Due to the low satisfaction of power from the mains in sub-Saharan Africa, particularly, Nigeria most homes and office run on dual power source; mains and domestic power generator. Switching between these sources amount to stress for users. Existing switches are manually operated. This manual means of switching between power sources becomes burdensome. The innovation to eradicate this trouble is an automatic power change over. This automatic switch takes over the manual switch function. It has the following features;


  • Automatically switches power source from generator to mains and vice versa.
  • Automatically turns off the generator.
  • Indicates via alarm system comprising of sound and light when there is power from the mains.
  • Can be controlled using mobile application.
  • Encrypted with a security token.
  • Is portable and durable.

This is a device that accepts 2 different power sources. Depending on which one have current, it will be swapping from one to other sources. If there is current in the two source at the same time, then the device will select the preferred source that the user as specified. Also, the device can be controlled manually whether using a button on it or through an android phone application.


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