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Nairapacket brings an exciting experience to the over 180 million Nigerians and other residents of the country as they interact with money everyday. Making payments is not all you can do with a financial solution on your smartphone. How about having fun with family, friends even strangers and winning lots of money playing games you love. Is that all? Of course not. The other day, my niece opened a birthday gift box and everyone in the family group got a chance to give, distance was not a barrier. I gifted her from money I made playing my soduku game. It was an awesome fun way to receive gifts from family members who are far away, chatting all the way as each person gave. With NairaPacket no amount of gift is too small. Then my smart niece saved some of the money she got in her purse so she can buy her favourite shoe in the holiday. Now she does not have to worry about squandering all her money on chocolates. Nairapacket let's you distribute money to any number of people, receive financial aid from many people, and pay your vendor.


  • QrCode Payment.
  • ChatPay.
  • Gamification.

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