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POS Device


For decades, the Point Of Sale machine has been enhancing business transactions in big malls, these machines speed up sales, diminish inaccuracy in record keeping and make audit easier and faster. Despite the evolution of the POS machines, it fails to satisfy the needs of small businesses. It is worthy of note that small sales shops far outnumber big businesses in Africa, particularly Nigeria.
The existing Point of Sale machines fail to meet the needs of small businesses for the following reasons;

Existing Features:

  • They are not portable in size.
  • They are expensive.
  • They are excessively dependent on power.
  • They do not provide remote data access for business owners.

To solve these problems, we have designed a device that improves on the existing point of sale solutions. It is;

Our Features:

  • Portable: it has a tablet design that takes up limited space when placed on the table.
  • Cheap: With a selling price of ($60 - $100), it costs only 25% or less of existing point of sale devices.
  • Battery powered: it is designed with a battery; this makes it reliable and dependable.
  • Allows remote data access: Every data can be remotely accessed by business owner and other authorized personnel using via wireless connection.

Some samples have been sold and tested on field and have received high demand. The demand is particularly high in;


  • Grocery Stores.
  • Drugstores.
  • Electronics stores.
  • Warehouses.
  • Healthcare centres.

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